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(16 years and over)

Laurent Fontaine 

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Never too late to meet Christ

Les activités des paroisses ont repris. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter. Bienvenue !


Un proche vous a demandé de devenir parrain ou marraine ?

Vous découvrez une présence qui vous accompagne? 

Vous cherchez simplement à donner plus de sens à votre vie ou à meux comprendre la foi chrétienne?

Vous désirez devenir baptisé ou confirmé 

Ce sont autant de bonnes raisons pour entamer, seul ou avec d'autres, un chemin pour découvrir qui est Jésus de Nazareth, comment il peut changer votre vie par sa présence, par sa Parole, par le pain de l'Eucharistie, et découvrir la communauté chrétienne, c'est bien plus que la messe.




A personalized journey

From the age of 16 onwards , all those who express an interest in  being  baptized are welcomed   into  the  Catechumenate journey.

Support throughout  this journey is both individual and  communal.

Your journey will prepare you for initiation into the Christian faith and life, which will lead you towards  becoming  a "catechumen".


Each journey is different

The length of the catechumenate is determined according to the liturgical calendar of the current year and varies from one person to another. This difference is quite normal, as the duration depends on one’s  inner disposition and pace of discovery and personal progress.

After a while, one knows that one  is ready to celebrate the sacraments of Christian initiation.

Baptism is normally at Easter, to mark the link between baptism and one’s faith in Jesus Christ’s  death and resurrection. It is usually followed by confirmation and the Eucharist (first communion) in the same celebration.  Confirmation can also be celebrated a few weeks later.

The newly baptized person will then be invited to continue his growth in faith along with other people who are on a similar journey in the Christian community or through various other activities.

But mostly,  he/she will  be invited to journey  with the One he/she has discovered ...



  • Personalized spiritual accompaniment.
  • Group Catechetical education of catechumens and those wishing to be confirmed.
  • Training for  accompanyists.


It was only after a few meetings with Lucille that I realized that I had faith. I realized that God is always near us. He listens to us, he advises us, he loves us and helps us to remain faithful to ourselves.

I believe that his greatest wish is that we  be happy, regardless of our profession, the car we drive, the size of our home or the amount of money we earn each year. The important thing is to love our life, to help our neighbor and especially to listen to each other.

I particularly liked an activity on moral discernment and the Christian conscience that had been proposed to us. This activity asked us to analyze a situation that affected us personally  and where we had to make a choice. For the exercise, I chose my career as several choices were available to me and I had to take a decision.

What fascinated me about this story was that deep down, I really knew what I wanted. I was just  afraid. Afraid of making the wrong choice, afraid of disappointing others, afraid to fail, afraid of what others would think. That is when it is very important to listen to the Holy Spirit, that inner voice that will allow you to  move forward while remaining true to  yourself.

(Jimmy B.)

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