In the light of the Word


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The Word of God is alive and active,...

The Bible tells the story of the Covenant that God made with mankind.

For Jews and Christians, the Bible is the Word of God. We believe that God revealed Himself to mankind, and the texts of the Bible relate this encounter.

God first revealed himself to the people of Israel through Moses and the prophets and finally through Jesus Christ. The Bible testifies to the relationship between men and God: a relationship made of loyalty and rejection. It is a long journey towards freedom and love.

It is a meaningful book for those who seek throughout their lives to live according to God’s will.

The Bread of the Word

The Word is at the heart of Catholic prayer. In the Eucharist, or in a  Celebration of the Word, it is God in our midst.

Reading the Bible can become a daily habit.

  • It can be read on its own (for example, by consulting the Living with Christ or a site such as the AELF, which publishes the texts of the Francophone liturgy on a daily basis.
  • It can also be explored by consulting a specialized website like Biblegateway, easy to access and well documented.
  • Or, of course, during the Eucharist and during the homily.


Exploring  together

The Catholic community of Granby offers several opportunities to explore the Word together:

  • The lundis de la Parole, at St-Eugene Church, at certain times of the year.
  •  Weekly meetings of the Cursillo.
  • Oïkos evangelism cells.
  • The "Neighborhood Project, God's Word in the Kitchen", to discover the Word of the day in the warmth and  privacy of a family home. Thursday 7 pm - 8:15 pm, at Lucille Lanoie's. (450 - 375 10 01)

A book of books

The Greek word "biblos" means "book". The Bible is a library, 73 books written over several centuries in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek,.

For Christians, the Bible is divided into two major parts: the Old and New Testaments.

The Old Testament (or Book of the Old Covenant) contains 46 books  in the Catholic editions.

The New Testament (or book of the New Covenant) contains 27 books:

  • The four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John);
  • The  Acts of the Apostles;
  • The Letters (or Epistles) of the Apostles Paul, James, Peter and John;
  • The apocalypse.

We also read the psalms from the Old Testament which Jesus of Nazareth himself prayed - (source: