An Abundance of Love

(Magali was confirmed in August 2016)

Not only did I become a godmother, but I had the chance to see this wonder come into the world! What a beautiful gift from God! I have grown tremendously through this experience: I have  understood the essential messages  of the catechesis, and experienced  the power  that enters the  room during Mass or at an event where we turn our face towards  God ... I became curious about the lifestyle  of priests and monks.

 Time of peace

Because of this, I decided to seek some moments of  peace at St-Benoît-du-Lac Abbey for two days. A retreat in total silence,where one  participates in the Gregorian Masses sung by the monks! What beauty! ... I witnessed a time of peace, respect, mutual support and such inconceivable simplicity ...That's when I understood! We are fortunate enough to live in a respectful world , where,yes,  things change , but there is such abundance. Abundance of love . I understood that when an unfortunate event happens I will wonder whether it is bad luck or , in fact, good luck? One grows through life  experiences , both positive and negative.

I want to be confirmed for my godson and my friends and family, but also for myself . I have understood so much, become aware of so much , yet have so much more to learn.         

Magali P.A

A big family...

Testimony of Sébastien B., confirmant

"I wish to be confirmed because I would very much like to be a member of the great family of the Church. In addition to being very welcoming, the Church continues to  help thousands of people.

I also want to be confirmed increase and share  my knowledge and be a leader in today's society.

I originally began the journey in order  to become a godfather, but quickly, the journey made me discover a whole new world as well as to show me the true face of the Church (...), a Church that I did not know before my catechesis  courses with Lucille Lanoie.

The message of peace, mutual help, love, humility and sharing is evident in the Church today.

Throughout my spiritual journey I saw the importance of giving to others without ever asking for anything in return. The Bible is clear on this : Jesus never ceases to give to the people without receiving anything.

I also learned the importance of trusting the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has come to live with me and will remain in my heart forever. The Holy Spirit is my help, my consoler and my guide. "

Much more than a history course ...

Paul was confirmed at Notre-Dame parish in Granby in the presence of Bishop Lapierre, bishop of the diocese. Here is what he shared after the confirmation.

"I began this process with an open mind, eager to learn more about God, Jesus, and to gain a better  historical perspective... like a history course.

I found myself with a very interesting group with whom I shared my experience and my thoughts. It was very enriching to see what brings us closer to and separates us from each other.

By  discovering more about God through the Bible, my convictions have been strengthened.

The Wisdom of Christ

Jesus’ words are full of common sense and wisdom. (...) The Holy Spirit is everywhere around us, in us, it is an energy  that passes through  us and  helps us ...a  feeling,an intuition that pushes us to do things, and often in the right direction. It is enough to be in harmony  with and let oneself be carried by the Holy Spirit ..then observe  the fruits of our actions .  Pope Francis helped me to understand that I share many values ??with the Church which , in the end is full of love ...

I want to be confirmed to be the godfather of little Ezekiel, but also to help explore my beliefs, and continue to evolve spiritually. Perhaps, it is simply  the will of God ... "


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