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"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

No one goes to the Father

Without going through me.

Jn 14: 6


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"You're worth it to me"

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 Marriage, humanitarian causes, religious life, becoming a priest or deacon, special projects ... these are all vocations! God calls us everywhere! From time immemorial, women and men have responded ... Whatever your path, remember that God loves you as you are: between you and Him, there is above all an ongoing  story of Love and giving.

A vocation is a call that God murmurs in the heart of a person whom he has chosen and destined for a special mission for his people and for humanity.

Come and see

Such a project, even if it originates from within you, requires most of the time a personalized accompaniment so that you can have:

  • adequate time for discernment in order to better understand the call;
  • appropriate accompaniment, to help you make the best use  your freedom to accomplish what you feel you are being called to do, and find the place and the people who, together with Christ, will accompany you  after a period of training and growth

Are you called to a  religious vocation ? 

Speak with someone who will be able to listen to you , to understand what you are experiencing, and to pray with you in full discretion.

At any time, your  parish priests are at your disposal to meet you and exchange on this subject. They will also be able to refer you to people recognized for their capacity to accompany you discretely and to respect  the  freedom of the heart.

Who to talk to?

  • Guy Pelletier, Head of vocations: 450-773 85 83, ext. 271

  • Abbé Jacques Lamoureux, Superior of the Saint-Hyacinthe Seminary: 450 - 773 85 83, ext. 304 or 450 - 774 84 98